T-Nut 4 Prongs DIN 1624

When looking for T-nuts, you may come across multiple names, such as T-nuts, tee nuts, claw nuts, rivet nuts, hammer nuts, insert nuts, etc. There are flanges on the thin surface of the nut, usually with three or four “claws”. These flanges act as hooks that are pulled into the material when the bolt is screwed into the nut. These nuts need to be pre-drilled for use and can be serrated to provide a better grip.

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Product Description

T Nuts Uses:

T-nuts are designed for use in softer materials, such as wood or composite materials. The T-nut is a very unusual nut due to its forked design. It can be daunting to see one of these nuts and realize that you don’t know what to do with it. T-nuts are ideal for creating a flush finish on the nut side of the wood.

Specification of 4 Prongs T-Nuts:

  • DIN 1624 Standard;
  • Non-standard customized are acceptable;
  • Material: Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel;
  • Surface: Galvanized;
  • Color: Blue White, Yellow, Black.
  • Size: M4, M5, M6, M8, M10 to M20

Packing and Shipping

  • Packing: Polywoven Bag or according to Customers’ requirements;
  • Shipping: LCL or FCL, with Pallet;
  • Port of Loading: Shanghai Port or Ningbo Port;

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