How to use Combination Screws?

How to use Combination Screws?

Postview: 106       Date:February 23, 2024

Combination screws are versatile fasteners that feature two different types of heads, allowing them to be driven by more than one type of screwdriver. They are commonly used in applications where flexibility in the choice of tools is desired, or where the exact tools available at the point of assembly may not be known. A typical combination screw might have a head that accommodates both a flathead screwdriver and a Phillips-head screwdriver.

Here’s a general guide on how to use combination screws:

Identify the Screw Type

First, examine the combination screw to identify the types of screwdriver heads it is compatible with. The most common combination is a Phillips and flathead, but there are others, such as Torx and square (Robertson) combinations.

Select the Appropriate Screwdriver

Choose a screwdriver that fits one of the head types of the combination screw. In many cases, you may find that one type of screwdriver offers a better grip or torque for the task at hand. For instance, a Phillips screwdriver might provide better centering and torque for a tight screw, while a flathead might be more readily available.

Align the Screwdriver

Carefully align the screwdriver with the screw head. Ensure that the screwdriver tip fits snugly into the screw head to avoid stripping the screw.

Drive the Screw

Once the screwdriver is properly aligned, apply steady pressure and begin to turn the screwdriver. If you’re tightening the screw, you’ll turn it clockwise. If you’re loosening it, you’ll turn it counterclockwise. Apply a consistent force to ensure the screw moves smoothly into or out of the material.

Adjust Pressure as Needed

As the screw tightens, you may need to adjust the amount of pressure you’re applying to ensure the screwdriver stays engaged with the screw head, especially with materials that are harder to penetrate.

Finish Securely

Continue driving the screw until it is secure. Be careful not to overtighten, as this can strip the head or damage the material you’re screwing into.

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