Types of Thread Insert Nuts

Types of Thread Insert Nuts

Postview: 20       Date:July 8, 2024

Thread insert nuts are fasteners used to create a strong, durable connection between two objects. Several types of thread insert nuts are available, each with its unique features and benefits.

Helical Coil Inserts: Helical coil inserts are one of the most common types of thread insert nuts. They are made from a coiled wire that is threaded on the inside. This design allows the insert nut to be easily screwed into a pre-drilled hole, providing a secure connection.

Self-Tapping Inserts: Self-tapping inserts are designed to cut their own threads as they are screwed into a hole. This eliminates the need for pre-drilling and makes installation quick and easy. Self-tapping inserts are often used in applications where a strong connection is required.

Key-Locking Inserts: Key-locking inserts feature a unique design that includes a locking mechanism to prevent the insert nut from coming loose. This type of insert nut is ideal for high-vibration applications where traditional fasteners may loosen over time.

Flanged Inserts: Flanged inserts have a flange at the top that provides additional support and stability. This design helps distribute the load evenly and prevents the insert nut from pulling through the material.

Thin Wall Inserts: Thin wall inserts are designed for use in thin materials where a standard insert nut may not fit properly. These inserts have a smaller outer diameter, allowing them to be used in tight spaces without compromising strength.

In conclusion, thread insert nuts come in a variety of types to suit different applications and requirements. Whether you need a strong, self-tapping insert or a key-locking insert for added security, there is a type of thread insert nut available to meet your needs.

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