What Are Eye Bolts?

What Are Eye Bolts?

Postview: 69       Date:November 30, 2023

Eye bolts are a type of fastener with a threaded shank and a circular loop or “eye” at one end. The eye allows the bolt to be securely attached to ropes, cables, or other connectors. These bolts are commonly used for lifting heavy loads, securing items, or as attachment points in various applications.

As a professional fastener supplier, Xinchi Fastener Company is glad to introduce some key features of eye bolts including:

Threaded Shank: The shank of the eye bolt is threaded, allowing it to be screwed into a suitable anchor or surface.

Eye: The circular loop at the top of the bolt provides a point for connecting ropes, cables, or other hardware.

Materials: Eye bolts can be made from various materials, including steel, stainless steel, and other alloys. The material chosen depends on the specific application and the environmental conditions it will face.

Types: There are different types of eye bolts, such as regular or shoulder eye bolts, and they may have different load capacities and specifications.

Applications: Eye bolts find use in a variety of settings, such as construction, rigging, marine applications, and industrial equipment. They are often used when a reliable point for lifting or securing loads is needed.

It’s crucial to use eye bolts properly and ensure that they are rated for the intended load and application. Additionally, the installation and inspection of eye bolts should follow safety guidelines to prevent accidents or failures.

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