What Are J-Bolts?

What Are J-Bolts?

Postview: 71       Date:April 15, 2024

J-Bolts are a type of fastener shaped like the letter “J” and are commonly used in construction and various structural applications. The curved portion of the J-Bolt allows it to hook into or around an object, providing a strong anchor point.

As a professional fastener supplier, Xinchi is glad to introduce some key features of J-Bolts.

Material: J-Bolts can be made from various materials, including carbon steel, stainless steel, and galvanized steel, depending on the required strength and resistance to corrosion.

Size and Dimensions: They come in various sizes, suitable for different loads and material thicknesses.

Threaded and Non-Threaded Sections: Typically, one end of the J-Bolt is threaded to accommodate a nut, which allows for adjustable and secure fastening. The non-threaded section is the curved part that anchors into the substrate.

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