What Are The Standard Of Hex Flange Nuts?

What Are The Standard Of Hex Flange Nuts?

Postview: 36       Date:May 15, 2024

Hex flange nuts are a type of fastener that combines a hex nut with an integrated flange at one end, which acts like a washer to distribute the pressure of the nut over a larger part of the material being secured. This helps to reduce the chance of damage to the part and makes it less likely for the nut to loosen under vibration.

As one of the leading fastener suppliers, Xinchi is glad to introduce some of the key standards related to hex flange nuts.

International Standards of Hex Flange Nuts:

ISO 4161 (formerly ISO 1661): This International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standard specifies requirements for hexagon flange nuts. ISO 4161 covers dimensions, tolerances, mechanical properties, and surface irregularities for metric hex flange nuts.

DIN 6923: This is a German standard (Deutsches Institut für Normung) similar to the ISO standard, which specifies the dimensions and general properties of hexagon flange nuts. It covers nuts intended for use in engineering and construction.

North American Standards of Hex Flange Nuts:

IFI 145: This standard by the Industrial Fasteners Institute (IFI) covers metric hex flange screws. It is similar to ISO 4161 and provides detailed specifications, including dimensions and tolerances.

Japanese Standards of Hex Flange Nuts:

JIS B1190: This is a standard from the Japanese Industrial Standards, which details specifications for both non-serrated and serrated hex flange nuts.

These standards help ensure compatibility and reliability in applications requiring standardized fastening mechanisms. If you’re selecting a hex flange nut for a specific application, it’s important to refer to these standards to make sure the nuts meet the required specifications for your needs.

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