Special-Shaped Tension Spring

Tension springs are helical springs that bear axial tension. Generally, tension springs are made of circular cross-section materials. When not under load, the tension spring between the ring and the ring are generally tight without a gap.

Tension springs can be used on many occasions, such as production assembly, experiment, research and development, maintenance, and so on. Tension spring occupies an important position in the global market and is widely used in the fields of national defense, marine, computer, electronics, automobile, mold, medicine, biochemistry, aerospace, railway, nuclear power, wind power, thermal power, construction machinery, mining machinery, construction machinery, elevator and so on.

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Product Description

Specification of Special-Shaped Tension Spring:

  • Material: Steel, Iron, Copper, Nickel, Alloy, Stainless steel
  • Surface treatment: Galvanized, Chrome Plate, Nickel Plate
  • Size: Can be customized according to requirements

Payment Terms: L/C, T/T

Packaging & Shipping

  • Packaging: Plastic woven bag, plastic box, carton or according to customer requirements
  • Shipping: Container shipping
  • Port of Loading: Ningbo/Shanghai

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