Factors Of Nut Deformation During Heat Treatment

Factors Of Nut Deformation During Heat Treatment

Postview: 58       Date:May 30, 2023

There are many factors causing the deformation of nuts during heat treatment. In summary, there are basically three points. Based on many years of experience in fasteners, Xinchi Fastener Company tells you the nut heat treatment deformation factors.

  1. During solid phase transformation, the change of mass volume of each phase will inevitably lead to the change of volume, resulting in the size change of expansion and contraction of nut parts.
  2. Thermal stress includes acute heat stress and acute cold heat stress. When it exceeds the yield limit of the nut parts at the temperature, it will make the nut parts produce plastic deformation, resulting in the shape change of the nut, that is, skew.
  3. Structural stresses can also cause shape changes, known as distortions.

The deformation of nut is inevitable due to the transformation of the organization in heat treatment. For the commonly used thread precision (6H), if the precision is guaranteed before heat treatment (for example, the pass and stop of the same precision are qualified), there must be a part of the products whose thread size is in the edge beyond the tolerance range after heat treatment. However, due to the difference of the actual tolerance zone size and distribution position of the nut thread, as well as the difference of the stability degree of the heat treatment specification and control, the proportion of products beyond the tolerance range will be different.

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